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Craving Crime? We can help!

Poison Ivy Mysteries is a local Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Experience. We perform intriguing musical murder mystery shows for the public which you can attend at one of our three unique venues by clicking on Buy Tickets. We also offer unique entertainment for the private sector and can provide the perfect company experience for any budget. We will travel to you. We also specialize in providing effective and powerful HR training with our unique and interactive scripts perfect for unforgettable learning. We invite you to explore our site and piece together the clues.

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Murders Foretold

He knew he was about to die. It wasn’t because of old age, he was only 46 after all. Nor was it because of a fatal illness, he was in perfect health. No, he was certain that he would soon be murdered. Like the others before him and the ones that would come after. The Poison Ivy Mansion played host to all kinds of murders.

There were the clues. There were always clues. Some subtle and some not-so-subtle. There was the way that his butler looked at him. Just like the way the saloon girl had looked at the cowboy and the princess had looked at the king. He knew someone was going to kill him and soon. They all knew it.

And as his last act on this earth, he wrote a letter. It is addressed to you.

paperweb3Dearest Friend,

If you are reading this letter then I am about to die. I can only trust you and your partners. Please come to my aid. You must meet the evil ones who live around me. You must observe their actions and their motives. Come and have dinner with us. I fear that I will not live through the evening and you are the only one who can avenge my death. You, a perfect stranger, are the only one because you are not involved… yet.

With gracious thanks,

Mr. Ivy


He only needs your services for 2 1/2 hours and all things will become clear. He will provide dinner, music and dancing. A few laughs and a collection of colorful characters and your evening will be complete. The suspects are always changing. You may find yourself in the Wild West, a night club in the 1940’s or a far off Medieval Kingdom, but the outcome is always the same. MURDER! You’ll be entertained while you puzzle out the crime scene and be rewarded for correcting solving the crime.

Mr. Ivy knows that some of you might want a more specific outline of how the evening will progress. If you are craving details, please click on this link and it will take you to our helpful FAQ page.

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