2015 Season

Curse of the Scarab


It’s the 1920’s and the 5th and final piece of an ancient Egyptian artifact has found it’s way to it’s brother at tonight’s museum gala. But as soon as the pieces come together they’ll cause the ancient curse to be activated.

“Spring Break”

March, April and May

Poison Ivy is taking this time to work on some new and exciting projects. We will be back with our public shows in the Summer!

Murder Mystery Overnighter

June, July, August and September

Come and stay at the Castle Creek Inn for an exciting overnight stay of Murder Mystery Fun. This mystery lasts over a couple of days as the ghosts that haunt the hotels exact their revenge.

Village Hauntings


The “Village Hauntings” production is set in the colonial village of Blackmarsh, which is celebrating its annual Harvest Moon Festival. Lord Devenport and his young and eligible daughter, Lydia, are announcing her engagement to the clergyman, Preacher Neville Hampshire. Farmer Scoggins, who is famous for his enlarged gourds, which are quite popular in the fall, is in attendance, as well as Daniel Yourk, the young and handsome Soldier who has come home from battle. Emily Worthing, has recently come to town to instruct the young schoolchildren in the old ways of reading and arithmetic and the new ways of Modern Science. They have all gathered at the festival to have a good time, but it soon becomes apparent that not all is peaceful in the town of Blackmarsh. A dark and evil presence makes an appearance and points the townsfolk to witches, spells and sinister plots.


TBA Holiday Show

November and December

Show still being written!