Poison Ivy Mysteries has some exciting opportunities coming in the next year and is thrilled to be sharing them with you. We will be casting the entire 2014 season in January. Each actor will be cast in 2-3 shows. If you are cast in one of the Spring or Summer Shows (lighter run=less money), then you will be also cast in a Fall and Winter Show (heavier run=more money). As always, rehearsal schedules will be arranged around your schedules. We are, of course, willing to work around if you want to just do one show. We pay 3% of the house profits. Auditions will be held January 18th, 2014 from 1-3pm at 4424 West Cortney Drive in West Valley City. Please bring 16 bars with accompaniment (either cd, mp3 file or a pianist). We will be providing a song for you to learn that can be downloaded from here. (song). Also Please read our article (What can YOU get out of performing in Musical Murder Mystery Dinner Theater?) to answer any questions about preforming Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre with Poison Ivy Mysteries.

Plan to rehearse starting two months before the show opens.

We will be preforming at various locations, including but not limited to Diamond Lil’s (SLC), The Castle (Layton), Famous Dave’s (West Jordan), and The Hotel and Club Elevate (SLC).

2014 Schedule is as follows

February/March: ‘Til Death – Already cast

April/May: Club Mystique – Takes place in the 1940’s at one of the Nightclubs in the Big City. Done in a film noir type style and features dark secrets and lost dreams

  • Stanislov Demitriev (Stan the Stealer): The right hand man of the BOSS, this Russian speaking gangster is in charge of the nightclub and making sure that nothing gets outta line! Baritone 25-60
  • Deidre Mallory (Didi): Works at the club as a waitress and although she started out innocent, she isn’t anymore. She loves to gamble and take the men for all they are worth. Soprano 18-30
  • Sam Bullet: Private Eye who has been hired by Vivian DeLoure to investigate if someone has a hit out on her. Reserved and downtrodden, the city has stolen his soul. (no singing) 20-60
  • Vivian DeLoure: Club singer and girlfriend to the boss. She is sexy and vampy. She is afraid for her life. She is the classic film noir damsel in distress. Soprano 20-40
  • Diane Jones: Secretary for Sam Bullet. She is a no nonsense gal who used to work as a librarian but got laid off when the mayor made cutbacks. She might be a prude on the exterior but inside, she wants to find love. Mezzo 20-40
  • Billy Scott: A cop from Brooklyn who is on the BOSS’s payroll… or he might be a double agent. He frequents the club to keep an eye on things and make sure that the cops stay out. He is also looking for love. Baritone 20-60

June/July: Lights, Camera, Murder – Iggie Ego, the greatest director of all, is filming his latest cinema triumph…or at least he thinks he is. Has he met his match? Is the lead as loyal as he seems and what secrets will Hollywood’s latest starlet kill to keep hidden?

  • Iggie Ego: Hollywood’s latest and greatest directing senstation. Mid 20’s to 40’s. This character is full of himself, loud and loves the woment.
  • Edwin Depp: British actor trained in classical theatre. Mid 20’s to mid 30’s. Proper, handsome, and extremely talented.
  • Max Murphy: This character is a comedian and can play many parts well.
  • Tiffany Swords: New to Hollywood. Late teens to Mid 30’s. Young and impressionable but wants to taste the Hollywood scene
  • Meredith Fluer (female): A writer of the beatnik poet variety. Late teens to Mid 30’s Revels in the depression she finds herself in. Doesn’t want her art to get lost in the Hollywood scene.

Aug/Sept: Death…The Final Frontier  – The Galactic Alliance is preparing to welcome a new planet into the Alliance and aliens from across the galaxy are meeting in the space station about the newly inducted planet. This conference could seal the fate of the universe but will the outcome be peace or is there an underlying plot for vengeance?

  • The Captain/Dave (male 20-40)
  • The Red Shirt Guy/Ensign Guy (male 20-40
  • Klaatookie/The Warrior (male or female 20-50)
  • The Symbiot/Dr. What and Zam Arat (male or female and will switch between genders 20-40)
  • The Android (male or female 20-40) – MUST have good rhythm
  • The Spiritual Leader/Soola (female 20-40)

Oct/Nov: Mad Scientist Themed Mystery – This show has yet to be written. It will be filled with spooky science.

Dec/Jan: Curse of Scarab – Set in the 1920’s at a museum gala as the 5th and final piece of an ancient Egyptian artifact has found its way to its brothers but as soon as the pieces have come together they cause the ancient curse to be activated (One curse involved barbershop singing and another one gets to have A LOT of fun with wordplay.) All the characters get cursed as do some of the guests as well. One of the characters is secretly a cult member charged with protecting the artifact and one is hungry for power for whomever unites and controls the artifact will get their hearts desire.

  • Minnesota Minnie – Female Archeologist
  • Minnesota Mickey – Minnie gets turned into Mickey due to a curse. Both characters need to be close in age (25-50)
  • Fitz Gerald (Male) – Owner of the Speakeasy and patron of the arts (30-60)
  • Walter Ives (Male) – Assistant to the Curator 20-30 An everyman’s man
  • Kitty Parkhurst (Female) – Aspiring Journalist/Flapper (think Thoroughly Modern Millie meets Laura Bow) 18-35
  • Natasha Clutchcoin (Female) Socialite and Patron of the Arts 30-60 (reads palms)
  • Clarence Cromwell (Male) Museum Curator 30-60