Q: How will the evening go?

Each murder mystery starts with a mingling period where the characters will expound upon the backstory that has led the guests the circumstances of the event. The shows each have a different theme (i.e. Science Fiction or 1940’s film noir) in which the show takes place. Also, during this time, the guests will be served their dinner. The scenes that follow connect the audience to the plot through audience participation, comedic scenes and interactive songs. A “murder” takes place and the audience is allowed to question the suspects (actors) and formulate ideas on who did it, why, and how. Programs handed out before the show contains instructions on how to solve the crime, pictures and bios on the suspects and room to take notes for all of the information they gather. They will receive “clue cards” with questions to ask the actors.

They will need to discover who had the motive, means and opportunity through questioning. During this time, they will get out of their seats and move to each suspect to accomplish this. When the allotted time is up, they will turn in their answer cards and watch the finale unfold. If they solved the crime, their answers will be randomly drawn for prizes. The entire experience takes 2 1/2 hours. We currently perform at the Hotel and Club Elevate, Diamond Lils and The Castle for the public shows. We travel to wherever we need to be for private events.


Q: I have theater gift certificates but don't see a way to redeem them on the website. What do I do?

A: Unfortunately, our system isn’t capable of handling the redemption of gift certificates. You will need to call us at . Just let us know the amount of the gift certificate and make sure to bring them to the show.

Q: Are your Murder Mystery shows appropriate for children?

A: Our mystery dinner plays are family friendly and do not have any swearing or overtly sexual innuendos. We are also interactive and do not require the audience to sit perfectly still. In fact, we encourage participation and even talking to the performers. However, no children 5 and under are allowed. We recommend 8 and up for the best experience.

Q: The Hotel and Club Elevate is a nightclub. How is this venue different from the others?

The Hotel Club Elevate shows can only be attended by those 21 and up. Admission to the show includes the cover charge and the Club welcomes you to stay after the show for drinks and dancing.

Q: We want to celebrate a birthday party. Can we bring in a cake and presents?

A: Absolutely! In fact, we can even sing and drag your birthday guest onto stage and embarrass them, if you’d like. Our theatre and dinner format is great for parties and everyone has a great time getting into our unique murderous party game. Murder Mystery is a great way to celebrate as we all get one step closer to death!

Q: What is the dress code? Are we required to dress up?

A: As long as you don’t come barefoot and shirtless…we don’t care. We suggest at least business casual but highly encourage costumes (especially for the Halloween Murder Mysteries) or dress attire that matches the theme of our mystery dinner plays. Dressing up helps you become part of the show!

Q: Is dinner served during the show or do we need to come earlier?

A: Dinner takes place during the show. The doors open at 7 p.m and mingling takes place while you are being served or going through the buffet line.