Online Mysteries

Online Mysteries

We are excited to present our first online interactive Murder Mystery. Now you can solve a crime online and be entered to win Season Tickets, Poison Ivy Merchandise and have your name acknowledged as a crime solving expert in our Finale.

You are the Junior Partner and must help assist Detective Ivy Murphy in solving the death of Brad Milton, owner of Milton’s Fun Park. He’s been brutally murdered at the Fun Park and you must question the suspects and examine the evidence to solve the crime.

Using the unique YouTube interface of annotations, you will be able to navigate through the questions and be able to come to your own conclusions about what and who did poor Mr. Milton in.

When you come to the end of the investigation, you will be directed to Headquarters where you must fill out the police report. At the end of March, you will receive an email inviting you to watch the Finale and discover if you were savvy enough to solve the crime!

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Click the link above to be directed to the first scene on YouTube and Have a Killer Good Time!