“Poison Ivy Mysteries did an excellent job of facilitating audience involvement without pushing too hard. The level of involvement was up to the audience member, and the actors provided directions and support when involving the audience.”

-Andrea Fife

“Poison Ivy Mysteries was SO much fun! It was all we talked about for 2 days straight. We loved the ambiance. I just love how they ask you dress up, wear their goofy name tags, & treat you like you’re at an actual wedding. Also, I fell in love with the location. The Castle is absolutely beautiful! I also really identified with the brand of humor that Poison Ivy uses and the fact that dinner is included in the price and we can win prizes! It just keeps getting better. I would recommend Poison Ivy Mysteries to anyone. The show was great and the actors were so funny, talented, and amazing! I was really impressed with the fact that they never once broke character & were so friendly & outgoing. I also really liked how they took the time to pictures with us after the show.  I just want to say, “Keep up the good work, & thank you, for an amazing night.”

-Heather Hernando

“After spending an evening in at the Colonial Village of Blackmarsh’s Harvest Moon Festival, I left wanting to grab a group of friends and go again.”

-Andrea Fife

“I was particularly impressed by the fun, bantering rapport established by the characters with the audience. It made it easy for the audience to want to participate, and enthusiastically so. Several times, audience members were invited to be a legitimate part of the show, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.”

-Kat Webb

“While the director does not reveal her intents in the program, it is clear that Annelise Murphy (who also wrote the show) is all about making it a fun, light-hearted evening for everyone involved. Every effort was made to invoke audience participation, including cue cards, question cards, and several opportunities to mingle with the actors or even join them on the stage.”

-Katie Roundy

“It began the moment I stepped away from the ticket counter and was greeted by Captain Dave (Andrew Lenz), the charismatic and philandering leader of the Galactic Alliance.  He welcomed me to the galaxy using a lot of space terminology, confiscated my “communication device” (a cell phone—which I happened to be using at the time), and warned me about the perils of asteroid attacks.  He also hit on at least five other women, inviting each of them to a private tour of his quarters, all while welcoming me and taking over my phone call.

And so the laughter began.”

– Lorelie Sander